Facebook + Billetto. Sync your paid event with Facebook

Billetto has released a new feature that will allow its organisers to sync their event with Facebook Events in just a few clicks.

We're excited to announce the release of a new feature that will now allow Billetto organisers to publish their event and provide a direct link to it via a Facebook event in just a few clicks.

The feature is a collaboration between Billetto and Facebook Developer & Facebook Event API teams.

We realise that the majority of our event organisers use Facebook as the main promotion tool. Previously, Billetto organisers would need to publish two events: one listing on Billetto with event information, payment details and others. They then would have to log in to their Facebook account and create an almost identical event listing to promote the said event.

Facebook Sync takes the hassle of a repeated task and makes it even easier to sell tickets and promote an event via Facebook. ​

To use the feature, an event organiser simply logs in to Billetto & creates an event as usual. They will then be given a prompt to publish an event on Facebook. The organiser can choose the page they would like to publish an event to and sync the information with a click of a button.

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About Billetto

Billetto is a forward-thinking ticketing platform and events community of more than 3 million members across Europe. We're seeking to disrupt the old guard of ticketing by reducing fees, introducing innovative tech, integrating social media, and engaging users with beautiful design.

We offer smart self-service ticketing solutions that provide over 300,000 events with a plug-and-play ticket shop, helping event organisers sell tickets and promote events online, through mobile phones and on social media.

Our web and mobile ecosystem operates as an events community where people can discover and plan events with their friends. It provides real-time sales statistics and event organiser tools that can be used to connect more meaningfully with audiences and promote future events.

Our mission is simple: Make people go out more.

Billetto was founded in 2009 and operates in 14 European markets, selling over 2 million tickets a year. We’ve helped over 80.000 organisers plan, promote, and sell tickets for their events.