Billetto Announces Festival to Commemorate Re-opening of Societies

With vaccination expected to trigger the return of full-scale socialisation, Billetto heralds a flurry of events alongside its community of event organisers, with the three-month-long ‘Together Again festival'. The festival program consists of over 2700 events created by organisers across Europe, and it all starts next week.

The Together Again festival is well and truly underway to support and promote events created by event organisers on the Billetto platform. An initiative of the self-service online and ticketing platform — Billetto, the Together Again festival is braced to be a celebration spotlighting the historical advent of events that will follow the re-opening of our societies.

Event organisers under the umbrella of this festival will be co-creators of the experience with Billetto. And as co-creators of this festival, Billetto is rolling out the red carpet for organisers who will create the first batch of events to give them the competitive and logistical edge, helping them promote events through its promotional channels. These events are to take place during the expected reopening of the society, between April to June. 

“The Together Again Festival is more than just a festival. It’s a fulfilling experience for all the senses, after a time of human adversity amidst the total & partial lockdowns. It’s a place of celebrating the activity and togetherness in nature with the human experience,” stated Billetto’s CEO - Patrick Borre. 

“Really exciting times are upon us. This is why helping these event-organisers to be first in line to meet the huge demand for experiences is top-of-mind. Also, as an event community, this initiative positions event organisers, bracing them to restart their businesses on a strong footing and revitalize the events industry.” added Patrick.

The initiative was themed around an analogy called the ‘Ketchup effect’ as the essence of the festival focuses more on the quiet moment before a full return to socialisation. Just like the glass ketchup bottle: when turned over, it brings out nothing, but once shaken a few times, half of the content spills out. Similarly, while there might’ve been a shortage in supply of events and experiences, there’re forward-looking predictions that a time will come where event-goers become spoilt for choice — a surplus. 

The ‘Together Again’ festival initiative from Billetto events online ticketing platform is open for all to experience, and now is the best time to join the moving train of events created to celebrate the return of outdoor life, bringing the world together through live experiences; visit for details. 


ABOUT ‘Together Again’ festival

Born out of a responsibility to celebrate society’s reopening with a bang, Billetto came up with its festival called ‘Together Again’ where they support event organisers by promoting their Billetto events that take place during the expected reopening of society from April to June 2021. They promote the organisers' events on their channels — by social media advertising and churning out press releases to the media. 

‘Together Again’ festival is a 2021 initiative of Billetto — an online event discovery platform that enables individuals to host, promote, and attend events. Billetto is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. For more info on all things Billetto, visit





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