Announcing: the new Subscription feature for Brøndby IF

Through the partnership with Brøndby IF football club Billetto launches a subscription-based season pass

Billetto is proud to announce the launch of the new Subscription feature today.

Through the partnership with Brøndby IF football club Billetto have launched a subscription-based season pass. This allows Brøndby’s fans to subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership payment, removing friction on renewals and securing a better customer experience and lower churn on their most loyal fans.

Brøndby IF is one of the most prominent Danish football clubs based at the second-biggest stadium in the country. Brøndby IF partnered with Billetto in 2016 to provide the ticketing solution to the fans.

Previously, Brøndby IF fans had to renew their club membership at the end of the season manually. With the new Subscription solution, the memberships are renewed automatically every season.

This new subscription solution provides a better solution for the stadium capacity management. The solution allows Brondby IF to gain insight into how many fans attend individual matches and avoid empty seats and fan disappointment.

Billetto provides a ticketing solution to several of Denmark's sports clubs. The Subscription solution is set to become available to all event organisers soon and is currently available on request.


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